Look how well Stella was staying in the lines...she just turned 3!!!
Father's Day was a blast.
Went to the pool with Daddy and braved the AWESOME water slide for the first time!
Zoe fought her fear and Ruby took the swim test without batting an eye.
You have no idea how much MORE fun we'll have at the pool this Summer!!
Then we headed over to Kittery for fried clams....mmmmmm

Graduation day...Stella thought she was all that and a bag of chips...and she truly was!

Oh my...this girl.

Zoe won THREE awards!!!
I loved the surprise and knowing she was chosen to receive them...not everyone does.
I am SO proud and best of all her fragile esteem was boosted!
She got one for her excellence in creativity for Art, the Presidential award for physical fitness (her second year in a row), and a class award for Most Creative.
Perfect way to start the summer.
Oh yeah...she got the teacher we wanted!!!!!!!!!!

Ruby-Doo received an award too!
For her 'Outstanding Artistic Skills'...she really is SO artistic...I love all her drawings...SO CUTE!

Look at her trying to read the awards...so funny!

She's a big kid now...the lockers are all cleaned out.

Ready for first grade!

Can you believe how much she's hamming it up for the camera?
SO unlike her!

See ya' Kindergarten!

A lick for me a lick for you a lick for me....
Now this is hilarious.
I don't even think they even realized I was recording them.
Zoe had given them a lollipop to share...and that they did.


Anonymous said...

I love all of the pictures. The girls are so cute!


Ashley said...

Their outfits turned out SO cute! I love the fabrics you used. I'm so glad you like my blog.....loving yours too. I get really bored easily so my projects are always all over the place ;)