A little something for someone...

I made the big pillow to go in the shop but it's not perfect so I'm keeping it! I just got in some super fun fabric to back more pillows so do stay tuned!!

Goof girl in my pseudo (cough) garden.

Flying color.

My kitchen aid until I get the Ice blue Kitchen Aid...ho hummmmm.

~ I'm fighting another headache.
~ Made delicious chocolate chip cookies with Ruby this afternoon...hence the headache maybe?
~ No sign of any...not even one teensy tiny bud from the seeds in the Fairy Meadow I planted.
~ I'm like a ticking time bomb...don't mess with me.
~ Laundry, laundry, laundry.
~ I hate that I often feel like I don't measure up...broad statement and that's how I want it.
~ Chef Jamie made me feel awesome Saturday night when he said 'why can't you work here seven days a week.' :) You just can't find owners and management like this everywhere...worthy of the hour commute there and back.
~ I'm attempting to make Zoe a skirt...you'll see what I come up with if it looks decent enough to share.
~ Yippppeeee for Farmer's Markets!!!
~ Three weeks of school and I'm scrambling.
~ I'd love to send Zoe to either a Waldorf or Montessori school in September.
~ Do I look like a mind reader?
~ I love our neighbors Charlie and Patty Brown. Yep, Charlie and Patty Brown...how freakin cute is that??? Charlie even wears a Charlie Brown tee shirt!
~ Three fighter flew over our house this afternoon...F.r.E.a.K.y!!!!

Ok. Gots-to-go! Have a super fab night!

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PamperingBeki said...

Look at all that beautiful color!!

Love it.