I'm a girl with champagne tastes (Cristal, please) but a beer budget (Corona with three limes).
I love all things expensive.
Put me in a shop and ask me to pick my favorite thing and inevitably it will be THE priciest thing they have.
I've tried to tone it down but I can't.
I even avoid certain stores because I'm a snob.
I said it.
I'm a snob.
Who cares if they're less expensive than my all time fave Mini Boden...I'd rather go without.
I don't like cheap looking clothing. I don't like things that promote Disney or any of that other nonsense. Not to say some of it isn't cute because some of it is...though few and far between.
So yesterday I went to one of the big shops that I've only ever been in twice (and hated) to see if I could find some PJ's for the girlies. I came prepared with a printed out 15%-20% off coupon (if you spent $100 you'd get 20% off). Believe me I wasn't expecting to walk away with much...and no, I didn't end up with PJ's. I DID however fall in love with their Jumping Beans line. Have you seen it? I think it's as cute if not cuter than Gymboree (I'm not fond of the embroidery often attached to all Gyms clothing). The quality is as soft as can be...none of that stiff cheap feeling cotton. Needless to say I stocked up.
The best part? And you will die when I tell you.
I beat the system.
Want to know how?
I hesitantly opened up one of their credit cards because combined with my coupon I'd end up saving 35%. I figured I'd just pay it off when the bill came in the mail. Much to my surprise the cashier asked how I'd like to pay...I thought you HAD to put it on the new charge. NOPE!!!! I paid cash...no charging, no interest...YIPPEEE!!!!!
I ended up spending $85.98.
Saving $156.02.
Now, that's a big WIN WIN!!!

Know where I found the bedding and birdies??? WALMART! On clearance girls...go snatch them up quick! The bedding is made with 100% organic cotton and comes in a bag so you get the comforter, sheet set, sham and pillow case. I just checked online and it's 10$ more online...I paid $35 for the whole set. The pillows are extra but ON CLEARANCE!!!! GOOOOO!


bopbopdesigns said...

off to check out the bedding...I hope I can get it online, I haven't been in a walmart in over 10 years. If not I have to think where one is :)

Bethany said...

I am so with you on liking all things nice, but I have always LOVED Kohl's!! For the kids, for myself, for the house...I just love everything about it!! They also have the most adorable jewelry and purses!!

I saw that Jumping Beans stuff last week...I bought Gentry the brown tank with ice cream cones all over it! And as much as I wanted that giraffe print skirt, I resisted! CUTE finds!

The bedding is darling! So sweet and girly! Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing! LOVE posts like this!

bopbopdesigns said...

Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! Scored on the bedding but the pillows weren't marked down. Oh well. Thanks for the tip! Now we need a big girl bed ;)

AnniKae said...

I love your great finds. Thanks for sharing the bedding info!
I do the same thing in a store...without looking at the price, I always seem to be drawn to the most expensive item in the store. Even My 10 year old son is a bit of a clothing snob. Seriously...where did he get it from??? Couldn't be ME and my love for True Religions, Seven for All Mankind rubbing off on him, could it???

Jill said...

OH MY WORD!!! in the car...off to grab those goodies!...thanks for sharing!!!
p.s. I'm a Boden snob too! :)

ShoozieShoes said...

LOVE a great shopping story! ;-)