Daily Gratitudes...

I just love N.
Love her so much.
I've never met her but I'm happy to say we DO know each other.
We met a few years back when we both got involved in something rather hmmmmmm, innnnteresting...shall we say (business related).
Well, she writes this amazing blog.
I love her humor.
I love her wit.
I love her honesty.
I love that she doesn't take crap.
I love that she calls them like she sees them.
I love her sensitivity.
I love her writing.
I love her stories.
I love her creativity.
I love that she's....quite something.

She's started this thing called Daily Gratitudes...and I love it!
Spread the word.
Do the same.
It makes a really bad day seem like a great day when you think back on those things you DO have to be grateful for.

Here goes...

Daily Gratitudes

1. My dog pooped yet AGAIN in the house...thank her lucky stars it was solid...did I mention she's a LARGE dog? Yep, you know what that means ;)
2. Had a relatively stress free shopping day with the girls at the mall...it was fun!
3. Found a fantastic pair of black pants for work at the Gap marked down to $13...and they fit...Gap pants NEVER fit me!
4. It's the first day of Summer vacation and nobodies killed each other.
5. Arthur. I just LOVE Arthur...I'm talking about the PBS show peeps. I'd watch this even if I was childless. No lie.


Holly said...

What a cute meme! I like this one a lot. :)

Laura said...

I'm thankful that somebody actually ate the breakfast I made...even it was the kitten.

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful that you are grateful!!! I love you!!!!



Natasha said...

Hey!!!!! Serves me right for not showing up here enough to find this sooner! Thank you. That was so sweet. Just made my day. I wish we lived closer. Maybe one day I'll fly down and you can tour me through Boston.

Thank you!! I love you, too.

Natasha said...

Also, I, too, love Arthur! And I watch it when the kids aren't around. And when they leave the house, I'll probably still watch it and it will remind me of them. It's a clever little show. Also, Martha Speaks!