What a little sun, cool breeze and ICE CREAM can do for one's spirit.
I need the bad juju to go aaawwwwwaaaaayyyyyyy!
So cranky.
Bad mood.
Ready to rip someones head off (not really people!).
I'm done with that...DONE!
Onto the good stuff!
Did a little sewing today.
Filled an order.
Working on another.
Making some baby blocks for Chef.
Got a naked three year old jumping on the bed, squealing.
Ready to dive into this book and find some answers.
My tireless days of ALWAYS trying to be perfect are O.V.A.H! (at least I'll try)

Hope you're having a good day!


Laura said...

I am in the same funk. Let me know if that book helps. I am out of solutions over here.

And as for the wally world party gift? Wrong on so many levels. I don't like to take my OWN kid to a return line in a store, let alone bring ANOTHER one.

gina said...

Such a great book - enlightenment that will surely lighten your daily load, making way for happiness to fill you right up - and you seem to be a pretty happy gal anyway. :)