splish splash...

argghhhh the long days of summer...notice it's not 'ahhhhh' the long days of summer yep, my eyebrows are furrowed and my voice strained from refereeing my two older girlies during their daily battles of will. geez, why can't we all get along? i certainly don't remember 'fighting' with my sisters this much growing up but then again i think it might be something only a mother would remember...am i right mom?

after s woke up from her nap i HAD to get out of the house. took the girls over to the pool for a swim and some play time on the playground. boy, a change of scenery is just what they needed! they had a great time in the water and for a brief moment in time all the bickering came to a stand still....until we loaded up to go home and it just started up where they left off...tick tock, bedtime is just around the corner...got to love those days that seem to last forever when really, i'll be longing for these moments when they're grown.

a little display of s's :)


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