a couple new etsy treats...

i'll be listing these in the next day or so...i've got a couple more waiting to be finished so i'll list them all together. the shrooms and the soon to be seen peace tree are for you annie (hope you like!) :)
i can't seem to get a handle on how to photograph these better...i've tried different lighting but nothing seems to work...anyone have any suggestions?


anneluvsdmb said...

Thanks Pam! Can't wait to see K in the shirts ...

And as far as photos go, I really liked when you hung the shirts up on the line with clothes pins. It offers a good perspective on sizing (image relative to shirt), and one could clearly see the image and fabrics used (at least as far as I was concerned). Cute and creative!

Lepore Lacing said...

I experienced the same camera issue. Just a suggestion.. picture the shutter button as having 2 levels.
The first level is the focus and the second level takes the picture.
Check out the glove pics on my blog site to see the crispness.
Do you make any shirts in XXL? :~)