is good for one thing and one thing only...a couple of hours of peace and quiet which will more than make up for the hour (if i'm lucky) i'll spend cleaning up all the nooks and crannies embedded in my floor, rugs, chairs, toys, hair, bathroom sink, and G__ knows where else! i think whoever invented playdoh was a man. i think he had a deep rooted hatred towards all mothers but softened that hatred with pretty colors and a cushy feel. i think he got his rocks off by imagining all the 'fun' places playdoh could end up and the frustration i'd feel in trying to get that.very.last.CRUMB!

....but, i WAS able to get some things done while the girlies stayed pleasantly entertained so big props to you mr. playdoh...oh and yeah, mr. playdoh MUST have LOVED children so i guess he can't be all that bad :)

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