on the way...

to what's been dubbed 'the wood' park we passed this huge field of sunflowers...sunflowers always make me happy...they look as if they're smiling right at you...so cheerful.
anyways, we get to the wood park and there's a huge yellow sign saying NO PLAYING ON THE FIELD and in itty bitty letters '& playground'. now, after dragging three kids to this out of the way playground i wasn't going to let a little thing like a HUGE yellow sign saying no playing get in my way...probably not a good message to send my kids but i was hot. so we carried on and to my relief there were a couple other moms breakin' the rules. i immediately asked them what was up with THE SIGN but they claimed they hadn't seen it (i'm thinking uhhhh how could you not?)...anyhoo we giggled about our unlawfulness together and let the kids play away. about 45 minutes later a cop shows up (we're talking tiny little town here folks...not a ton of crime...gotta bust the moms at the park)...gist. we got kicked out...but it gave the kids just enough time to play and then it rained after we left anyways.
now for some random spewing:
~ i've gotten 9 migraines already this month and am out of my prescription (which by the way is a miracle worker) i should know, i've tried just about everything there is. so now i need to go spend $50 on two pills just to get me through...hopefully that's all i'll need until the 8th!!!
~ why the heck isn't there a trader joe's in southern new hampshire...are we not hip enough??? cripes, i'd spend enough in your store to justify putting one here...(dear trader joe, if you're coming no more than 20 minutes from my house would be ideal)
~ i love you starbucks and all your store closings and layoffs really has me scared you're going to bite the dust completely and leave me without my favorite beverage.
~ i'm dreading my trip to walmart to get more fusible web...i hate making 'quick' trips with three kids....it SUCKS!!!!
~ we're off to santa's village this weekend and of course it's supposed to....RAIN!
~ i miss my friend lisa and working out at the gym...can't wait for school to start again!!
~ i just ordered labels for my etsy stuff and a new banner and avatar for my etsy site.
~ molly is shedding like you wouldn't believe and no matter how much i brush her she still has hair falling off everywhere...where the heck are c's clippers.
~ why in the world does r still like to watch caillou??????
~ lastly....what am i going to make for dinner??????


Anonymous said...

UGh. This just erased my whole comment. Stupid Open ID...

I LOVE the new header! Gorgeous!!! I'm going to have to talk to her. I had planned to keep my blog really clean and modern but now I see that and like it! I think I'll keep the white background but get her to add something in that looks like fabric swatches like yours.

Second, PLEASE stop writing in centered text! LOL. It's so hard to read!

Third, I hear you on the "quick trips".

4. I'm running out of supper ideas too. So tired of everything.

5. What a gorgeous field of flowers! We have huge neon yellow canola fields here everywhere. I want to have a family photo taken in there.

6. I can't wait until you add dresses to your line. I could see a cool tie dye dress with fabric appliques everywhere.

7. I'm adding you to my blogroll, sweetie!

I'm just a boy who's four; each day I grow some more...!



just me... said...

I look forward to exploring your blog. Your sunflower shot is amazing. Congrats-

Pam said...

thank you both for you sweet comments!! xoxo