here i am...

well, at least four blogs of mine are now laid to rest in the cyber graveyard...i guess with most things unless you're really ready to commit they go neglected. i'm promising myself (and you) i'm going to make this a priority...will you stay with me and cheer me on, i could really use it at times? :)

i've started a company called 'i love plum'. it's been a long time dream of mine to do something artful and creative. i'm no artist mind you just someone i consider to be on the crafty side. why this totally random name you may ask (or maybe not). i know my sweet sister asked but she already knew the answer and was waiting for my confirmation :) it had started out that i thought i'd like to incorporate my girlies into the name of my business...then maybe my name. it all sounded hokey and contrived by the time i had a list down. when one lovely day i happened to be eating...guess what? A PLUM! i said to myself...ooooo, 'i love plum'...eureka! my baby was born. why not have something totally random, off the beaten path, meaningless (other than to you plum lovers out there) yet fun and sweet. so here i am.

my darling husband bought me a sewing machine at least seven years ago because i had casually mentioned around the time of my birthday i'd like to make a quilt. he's like that. just picks up these little things i say and runs with it...so sweet. that lovely gift remained untouched by me for ahhheemmm seven years... until now. i'd like to thank my beautiful friend l for inspiring me and lighting a fire under my beeeehind and taking me to that applique class. xo to you l. i came home from that class with a handmade pillow and butterflies in my belly...the fire was burning a hole and i immediately got to work on my first shirt. a couple months later i decided i HAD to have an etsy shop. those of you who know me know that once i've got something in my head it's a go. so la-di-dah...i now have an etsy shop to go with my 'i love plum' designs. this is only the beginning my friends. i'm making pillows, tags, curtains....i. can't. stop!

so come visit me here...i've got loads to share!



bernicecramer said...

Pam, it's awesomely cool that you are doing this. You have amazing taste and creativity and energy and I know this will be a success. Keep on truckin'! fondly, Bernice

andrea said...