ahhhh berries...

we took our first trip of the summer to butternut farm and stocked up on fresh raspberries! i love going there...it's so peaceful and beautiful. we had hoped to pick blueberries too but they were done for the day so another trip is already planned for later this week when we'll be able to pick peaches too. i had no idea just how many berries we had picked until we all put our baskets in the wagon...ooops, too many berries!

Plum's Raspberry Muffins

2 sticks of butter (i used salted but you could use unsalted too)
2c sugar
4 large eggs
4c flour
3t baking powder
1t salt
2t pure almond extract
1c sour cream
1/2c-3/4 c milk
4c fresh raspberries

preheat oven to 375. combine softened butter and sugar. mix in eggs and almond extract. add baking powder and salt. stir in flour, sour cream, and milk. fold in raspberries gently. bake for approx 30min until toothpick comes out clean.

note: i added a little bit of sugar to the tops of the unbaked muffins as i thought maybe the berries might be too tart. i'm glad i did it because it added a perfect amount of sweetness and a little added crunch.

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