oh dear. it's been one whole week and my baby of babies is now weaned and onto other vices that may or may not be met with a raised brow. s loved, loved, LOVED her sweet lil' bed and would go down oh so nicely at bedtime. oh, how the tides have turned (i feel like my head just turned green when i wrote that...or maybe shades of red?). cripes, why oh why didn't we get a king sized bed when we had the chance five years ago???? okay. deep breath. all she wants is this one little thing...so simple and easy to just let it be...it's not like she'll be sleeping with us when she's ten. you ARE getting what i'm saying, right? i'm on one edge, c if he's lucky is on the other edge and sweet lil s is (not nestled in between) but laying horizontal so her head is inching me off the bed and her feet are inching c off the bed. g. total failure in the book of ferber. sometimes i swear i walk around with SUCKKKAAAAHHHHH stamped on my beeeehind.


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