What is that?

Things I know about myself after watching this amazing short film:

~ I miss my Dad immensely and realize I've been in mourning for someone who is very much alive.
~ I miss the hours upon hours we'd sit in Quincy Market and people watch.
~ I miss our Sunday or was it Saturday trips to pick up a Barrons and a pack of Chiklets.
~ I miss hearing 'how sweet it is'...
~ I miss being a kid.
~ I miss the innocence.
~ I need to have more patience with my children and all the loved ones in my life.
~ I need to embrace this life I have and run with it.
~ I need to stop feeling bad about things in which I have no control over.
~ I need to be less selfish.
~ I need to hug more.
~ I need to laugh more.
~ I need to allow myself to be loved.
~ I need to give more of myself to those that need me.
~ I need to be a better friend.
~ I want to be a better mother.
~ I want to be a better wife.
~ A better sister.
~ A better daughter.
~ A better aunt.
~ I will....
~ I want to...

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like an uncontrollable cry with my morning tea! I miss him too- a lot. I love you.