I did it!
A party hat for the snow!
Who wouldn't want one?
I think I can do it again and again!
This time I'll make it so it'll fit one of the girls.
This one was supposed to but I ahem, oops!
So this one I'll sell :)
It'll fit a baby with an approx 17" head.
You can find it here if you'd like it.

I'm going to be taking down most of my shop and will list new things as I make them. They'll be one of a kind and in the size listed. I'm going to try and avoid doing the same design over and over again in different sizes...too boring for me!
Soon, soon, soon you'll be seeing a whole new blog makeover and I can't wait!
I need a change.
I've been in a slump.
This fab designer is going to help give me the boost I need.
Can't wait!

Yesterday I got an email from my General Manager at work. All it said was 'Great job last night superstar!'.
He made my whole day and it made me realize how lucky I am to work in such a positive, professional, top-notch company. Yeah!
Uggg. The holidays are just around the corner and I'm not ready for any of it. I already feel pulled in every direction and it's not even November yet! Oyyyy.
I've got orders to fill and laundry to do.
All of which could have been done instead my lil' party hat.
Oh well!

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