I think I can, I think I can...

I don't know why but none of our girls could ever grasp how to peddle their tricycle!
I remember zooming around for hours on mine when I was little.
We'd make chalk roads, bridges to go over, gas stations.
Hours spent riding around and around.
Zoe and Ruby have accomplished learning to ride on their two wheelers and I think little Miss was starting to feel left out.
We went out for a bit yesterday and she tried like crazy.
Started out rough.
But after a few minutes of really, really trying...
So proud of herself she was!

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Natasha said...

My kids struggle with the tricycle too. My theory is that the ones we've had are just not made as well as the one I had. Also, I was four on my trike and bigger than my kids are at that age. Nowadays I see kids only three riding two wheelers!