Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
~ loads of seeds
~ one stick of butter
~ sea salt (lots of it :)
if you like sweet instead of savory
~ cinnamon sugar
~ honey
~ maple syrup

Roast in 425 oven until a lovely brown.

Six girls.
Six pumpkins.
24 + hours.
Two asleep by 10.
Three asleep after 11.
Two up before 7.
Three up before 7:30.
Hundreds of seeds needing roasting.
One Mom needing sleep.
One Dad needing sleep.
One dog kept at bay.
Super fun.


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh boy... we are one weekend apart in our adventures!

you survived... that's comforting! :)
campbell's sleep over is this coming friday... YIKES!
still have had NO rsvp's... come on people!

looks like those girl had SO much fun!

i have to say... THANKS... i needed a pumpkin seed goodness recipe... i think the savory route... mmmmm! sounds awesome!

Laura said...

what fun!!!!! where was my invite?????????

Anonymous said...

So fun! What a good mommy... wish I had been there to play!

l poo


jody said...

sounds like so much fun!

i always have the hardest time recovering from sleepovers. it's hard work on the parents.

i am trying that pumpkin seed recipe...i LOVE those seeds!

cute cupcakesxxooo

Kristen said...

We carved pumpkins last weekend & roasted the seeds for the first time. You're recipes will definitely be put to use next season. Thanks for sharing.
p.s. you're fall/Halloween decor pic's look amazing.