I think when you're little you look forward to Halloween almost as much as Christmas.
I'm not a big fan.
Yes, seeing the kids dressed up is cute.
That is once they've finally decided what they want to be.
Always changing their minds ten minutes before we head out to trick or treat.
It's a hassle.
98% of the time rainy.
At least it's only once a year ;O
It was time to retire their old trick or treat bags.
I had contemplated buying them new ones but remembered I had some canvas bags kicking around.
Cute, right?
The tag says 'tricky' :)
Off to make some mashed potatoes, prepare a chicken for roasting (God that sounds awful...and it is), and put the frozen peas in a viewable spot in the freezer.
I'll be working tonight and want the fam to have a good din din without me :)
Later Taters!

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