I took the girls to see 'Witches' this afternoon at our local playhouse.
It was soooo good!
Then we headed over to the old graveyard nearby.
What a gorgeous place!
Does that sound weird?
The girls were intrigued to say the least.
Zoe was blessing the stones and gave each a soft pat on the top.
She said she was whispering magic to their souls.
How sweet.
She's got a strong, soulful spirit like no other.
Ruby loved the different pictures on each stone.
I think she liked the scarier looking ones :)
Stella was making leaf bouquets and running from tree to tree.
A great little afternoon we had!
Hope you had a good one too!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day! What beautiful pictures, too!

love you,


jody said...

Sounds wonderful...that Zoe sounds like an old soul...with some really special gifts. I bet she has a healing presence about her...
I loved the old grave stones when we lived in Boston. I used to wander and admire them and the names on the stones. There seemed to be an awful lot "Rebekah"s and "Thankful"s.

Glad you had a sweet day with your girls. I am jealous. My Lucy has been so sick, and now the baby is getting something.