When 8 becomes 9...

You're only one more year away from being 10.
A decade.
Which makes me think about how in ten more years you'll be 20.
I don't want you to grow up.
I want you to be under my wings forever.
I don't want you far from me...ever.
But when the time comes, I will let you go.
But I won't want to.
You are a beautiful, sensitive, artistic little lady.
I love the way you dream.
Believe in magic.
Your heart is tender and you make a wonderful sister.
An amazing daughter.
A loyal friend.
I want to remind you to believe in yourself because often you forget.
That when you try you have given yourself a chance.
That when you make mistakes you will learn from them and that it's ok.
That life is full of both joy and disappointments.
That without both you wouldn't appreciate the other.
That you must love yourself and others will love.
To smile brightly because it will make you feel better and bring happiness to others.
That you are you and there is only one you.

Happy Birthday sweet Zoe!
We love you baby girl.

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jody said...

your message is so tender. you are a great mom.
happy birthday, zoe!