I'm tired of feeling like everyday is a race.
My throat aching because I'm tired...you know that feeling when you've been running in the cold? That's what I'm talking about.
I'm tired of feeling like a loser.
Like I don't/can't BE like those other Moms...you know the ones.
With the perfectly planned birthday parties.
The beautiful cake.
The 'I'm simply purrrfect.I.got.it.going.on' way about them.
I am SO not that Mom.
Today is Zoe's birthday and my day went something like this...

I asked my Mother-in-Law to pick me up some of these beauties because there isn't a Whole Foods near me...thinking that since they were my favorite cupcakes around that they'd be Zoe's favorite cupcakes...Yup, thought I could get out of baking that cake...just this once. I knew we'd be getting home mid afternoon and we have an open house for Stella's preschool at 6...didn't think I'd have the time. BUT. Since Zoe informed her Grammie last night that she'd be looking for my homemade chocolate cake with chocolate frosting I had to somehow do it. Laura what I'd give to have one of YOUR cakes!!!! Do you ship and how fast can it get here? ;)

I was also informed that a certain someone would be expecting BALLOONS for her birthday. :O
I'll/we'll pick some up when we go to the grocery store because now, I've just found out that Little.Miss.Nine.Year.Old has requested my chicken noodle soup for dinner. K.
So we get the damn balloons that take the woman behind the counter five minutes per f-ing balloon to blow up, tie and attach with string. Pay. Leave. And proceed to watch in disbelief as they float up to the landfill in the sky. NEXT TIME...TIE THEM TO THE WEIGHT...OK?
So, back we go into the store that I've now spent eternity in to get replacements.
Tired girls, whiny and hot. Got them and head home.
I've got a cake to bake, chicken soup to make, presents (that were purchased MONDAY at 10pm) to wrap and a whole lot of other crap to do BEFORE we have to leave.
Martha Stewart wanna-be but will never be.
Getting it done by the skin of my teeth (what does that even mean?). I'll sweat my way through each and every cotton pickin' thing I have to do before 6. Oh, and if I hear WOW, you've had three kids...you're SO thin...Don't ask me why.
UH...it's because I DON'T STOP.


Happy Birthday Zoe...it's all worth it.
I'd do anything in the world for you because I'm your Mom and you're my daughter and I love you so very much.


K said...

i feel your pain!


Anonymous said...

You are a great mom, Lou! I love you so much!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Pam,

I called on her birthday but you weren' there, and the message line was completely full. Crane was there with me waiting to wish Zoe a Happy Birthday. I was about 6:20,if I remember right.


Laura said...

I am so perfect so it is hard to understand this post at all. I have an unusual amount of energy, and can bake, sew, blog, paint, and homeschool my 789 children with my eyes shut.

You poor dear.

Now..for real...I wish I could have baked that cake for you!!!!!!!
You are an awesome mom, and not just because you are so thin...but because you give so much!

and yeah...do teeth have skin?