Shop news...

A couple new things listed today...SO CUTE!
I've been working on a few custom items and finally finished them!
You will slowly see things added as time allows.
This mom, working 3-4 nights a week, trying to keep an etsy shop running thing isn't so easy!
My heart is IN it completely and I notice a light in my step when I finish a project so it's a MAJOR priority for me.
Please stay tuned...


gina said...

Cute cute - it won't last in your shop long.

K said...

super cute!! not sure how you find time to do it though?!?! between being a mom, work, taking care of a household, etc... - it can get crazy! so happy you are creating and finding the reward in it!

Anonymous said...

the pics look great!



Anonymous said...

these are AMAZINGLY cute! omg...seriously...i'd wear 'em...like...everyday. you are too good. :)