I never wanted to go back to bartending. In fact, I told Craig I would NEVER go back to bartending even though it IS what I'm good at (sounds stupid I know) but I LOVE it and I seem to think it shows :)

Where I work matters to me. I know to some driving an hour to work is CrAzY but I look at it like it's my only option. Working for the best there is for so many years and then being asked to come work for them again is both flattering and an honor (cheesy but true). I actually don't mind the drive. There are zippo kids in the back seat screaming, crying or teasing each other...which means I'm not screaming, yelling and cursing. I'm calm which almost never happens.

This is where I work and this is a fantastic photographer who took shots of our restaurant about a month ago....wanted to share :)

Come visit me!



K said...

okay my mouth is totally watering looking at the photos of all the yummy food at your restaurant! it looks like a FABULOUS place to work and i couldn't agree with you more on your reasons for enjoying your hour drive into work! makes a big difference when kids aren't causing total commotion in the backseats! CHEERS!

gina said...

I totally get the draw of silence in the backseat! And an hour each way - I could do that. Music YOU want to hear, or silence, time to think - to just BE. I start going crazy without a bit of that each day. Good for you!

I love the photo and angle of the shaker - (what do you call that thing.?.. I'm Mormon!!!) Awesome photos. Next time I'm in that lovely area - I'll have to come see.

PamperingBeki said...

That's cool!

My husband and I have worked in restaurants for years and he's managed several. We know the value of a great bartender!

jody said...

those are beautiful pictures---YOU are gorgeous!!
i think it's great that you are doing something that you love, are good at, and it allows you some quiet downtime!!!
i am seriously salivating looking at those pics and wanting a really nice cocktail from bartender pam!
really, gorgeous!