Our tiny little town had random fireworks last night...
We never really 'do' fireworks...not my thing.
However, I was totally impressed!!!
Fun, community, made me love our little American town all the much more.
Friends we see everyday during school were out in droves...the girls were hopped up on the excitement of it all...so cute.

Since we got back from Colorado things have been crazy around here.
Craig is over-loaded with work which is definitely a good thing.
I'm working on average four shifts a week which might be a bit too much...but I DO love it!
School starts in less than four weeks!!!!!
Zoe turns nine on the 26th.
My head is spinning.
I need to breathe.
We haven't been to Butternut farms yet this summer!
We went to the beach ONCE!
Fried clams only TWICE!
Ice cream never often enough!
My shop is lacking,
my house a mess,
my fairy garden has like seven flowers and 9000 weeds.
Our roof is half-way done.
Off to begin my day....

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