Colorado wrap-up...

A little bit of cuteness running around :)

Cousin love...for the first couple of days Stella was calling Ben 'Macaroni and Cheese' :)

The art auction we went to was AMAZING!
I bid on and won four 'cake' pictures that will be perfect for the playroom when it's done....sometime in 2020 ;)
Loved the Warhols!

This guy is the best toy on earth...hands down.
Even with two bad shoulders and two bum knees he manages to be a big kid....he's always the main attraction at any party or school gathering!

Token family pic.

Cute except I had a migraine and I can see the tension in my smile.

Only a couple more weeks with my eight year old...she'll be 9 on the 26th!!!

Good Lord!
Ruby is definitely one-of-a-kind...
and I mean that in a good way :)


Laura said...

CAKE pictures???????? Are you kidding me???????? Those are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are stupid beautiful. Seriously. Wow. And that is not a bit of cuteness...that is a whole lotta cuteness!!

PamperingBeki said...

Those are cute! What a beautiful family.