I can't believe we've got only a couple more weeks of lazy summer days. July was a complete wash (literally) as it rained every flippin day! Our little summer list of things to do has now been pushed to September.

~ Finally went to Butternut last week and picked blueberries, peaches, red and green tomatoes.
~ Watched all the old school movies we wanted the kids to see except for Back To The Future (still time)
~ Stella is on her way to being potty trained (just happend in the last few days and I am ONE proud Mama!!!)
~ Went to the beach only once but add today's visit and that will be twice (not nearly enough but all that time/weather has allowed thus far)
~ Went to the wood park last week (awesome playground in Madbury)
~ Of course, we went to Colorado
~ Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream
~ Made fried green tomatoes...our favorite summer time treat!!!

~ Storyland (will go in Sept or Oct)
~ Camp out in the backyard
~ House projects...I'm ready to pack it in...I can't take the constant home repairs anymore!!!!
~ Sleepover at Ding Dongs (for Zoe and Ruby) will happen though before school...pretty sure :)
~ Go on Nonno's boat
~ Our annual trip to Woods Hole...not sure that'll happen though I SO want it too!

So. Looks like we have more to squeeze in before it's too late! The girls already got letters from their teachers with the list of supplies they'll be needing...if that's not a sign Summer is almost over I don't know what is!!!!

Off to get ready for our beach day...can't wait!


ShoozieShoes said...

Well done with the potty training! That's a big deal.

Laura said...

the school supply list is enough to make me poke my eyes out with a ruler.

PamperingBeki said...

Yeah, that school supply list...