Totally random...

I got a 'convo' yesterday from someone at Pregnancy & Newborn magazine saying they'd be interested in considering my stuff for their Haute Tots page in their July issue! Wow! I'm thrilled they even asked...how cool is that? I guess they're rounding up trains, planes and automobiles and some of my designs fit the bill :)
These are the samples I'll be sending out...they'll also be listed in the shop a bit later.

I was so excited when I found this fabric...I can't wait to play with it!!!
Isn't it just darling?


A little craziness last night before bed.
Daddy was doing some up-side-downs:)
Off to get Zoe at school.
I'm hoping to finish up on some orders and start some new goodies for the shop!! Stay tuned!


ShoozieShoes said...

How exciting!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you... Let us know how it all turns out.

Bethany said...

YAY!! How exciting for you!! What an amazing honor!! And...OH MY GOSH!! That little car shirt is too cute for words!! Love that fabric! Absolutely darling!!

And can I tell you that just this morning I had my two munchkins hanging upside down in front of the mirror like your girlies and they were CRACKING up! I even told them that we are going to have to do that outside when Daddy is home so I can take pics!!


Anonymous said...

OOOH! Hooray for you! Your goods should definately be on display for the world to see. :)

Your cuties are just adorable.:)

Jody said...

Hi Pam!
Yeah! I am not surprised!! I hope you get the "gig":)) I got your adorable onesie yesterday and LOVE IT! Can't wait to see this little peanut in it!!! You are so talented...and I love your little business cards and packaging, too!!
Your family is adorable!!!

gina said...

That is so EXCITING about the magazine - Good for you! Your stuff is SO VERY HAUTE- it was only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lou!!!!! That's so awesome! Hey, have you had a chance to read my updates? Just curiouso. Love you!!!!!!!