Now THIS is....

how the true cupcake conoisseur should consume their treat...as demonstrated by Miss Stella.
First, squeeze your tush onto a moderately comfortable bench.

Then begin by licking the sprinkles aka minkles off the delicious frosting.

Little by little start to suck some of the frosting into your mouth as if sucking on a straw.

Next be sure to get a full, front to back lick of said frosting...pink is preferential in this case.

Lastly, you don't need to show evidence of crumbs, frosting or such...that's purely optional.
Now, what you do with the cake part of the cup/cake is again your choice. Stella prefers to toss the cake without even giving it a nibble...she's a frosting kind a gal. Me, I'd eat the whole thing and go back for seconds, thirds and fourths :)


bopbopdesigns said...

Adorable! Stella is one of my favorite names too!

gina said...

Oh she is so cute. I love cupcakes and need to go make some. Her blue polish makes me laugh!! I don't have little girls ya know - so that stuff stands out.

Debbie and April said...

Too cute. Such pretty eyes. I'm loving the polka dots.

Laura said...

When I open my bakery, can I please call it MINKLES???