I can't believe...

Lovely display by the Kindergarten class...

See Ruby's? Top...lamb :)

March is almost over!!!!
We had a fun little weekend over here.
Zoe was in the play Willy Wonka which we enjoyed not once but three times.
She was in the candy chorus...see her behind her pink lollipop?
My camera doesn't like taking pictures in this auditorium, at all!
I've tried on numerous occassions to get shots in there and I always fail...ho hum.
I'll be busy today with my newest round of orders...omg...I love it but I've found I've had to put my new stuff on the back burner for a bit to get caught up...hopefully by the end of the week you'll see some new goodies in the shop!
Spring like weather is headed our way mid-week...can't wait!
It snowed here for a bit yesterday :(
OK. I've got loads to do...Have a great day!


Laura said...

gonna go check out your shop right now!!

bopbopdesigns said...

Can't wait to see the new goodies or for spring for that matter :)

carissa... BrOwN EyEd fOx said...

i love those plates... lion or lamb!
clever & too fun for the kiddos!

i need to be peeking in the shop... my girlies still need some of your cuteness!
i'm telling ya... real cuteness!


AnniKae said...

snowed here a bit today...next week...it's gonna be bustin' at the seams with spring. (at least that's the prediction)
Now I'm off to see what spring has in store at your ♥ i love plum ♥ shop.

april said...

So glad I found your happy little blog and Etsy shop via Laura of the Cake blog. I'll be placing an order soon!

Jody said...

Got the sweet little onesies on Saturday...love them!!!! I want to keep them for myself, but I must send them off to my girlfriends before I get too tempted!:)
Love your pictures of your darling girls!

gina said...

How fun - a Willy Wonka play!

The ADD Housewife said...

Hello, just wanted to coment and say I LOVE your blog! I'm also from the NH Seacoast!
Take Care! =)