Hang in there!

My eyes are fried and my patience is gone.
I'm trying to find a solid colored background for my blog and can't figure it out or find one.
I'll work on it tomorrow if given the chance...I can't believe how much of my day was wasted on this...arghhh. I hate when things aren't the way I want them!
ps. If any of you know of a good site...let me know!


AnniKae said...

here's a great, step by step site.

ShoozieShoes said...

Wow, AnniKae, thanks for that link. It is an excellent source of bloggy info! I am creating my playlist as I type. Expect a lot of David Cook...

Hang in there Pam, it will be fabulous. Love the girl at the top with the flower headband. I'm sure its mine ;-)

i love plum said...

thanks anni!!! yes, tina...that IS your headband :) xoxo