Please tell me...

This is no indication of what the rest of my day will be like!


I had to drain the washing machine...omg. Gallons upon gallons of water came pouring out along with S.A.W.D.U.S.T.!!!! Thank you honey! Luckily I had a wet vac near by.

Stella spilled a full cup of gluey water I had prepared for her to do a collage with...all over the floor.

Zoe ran in from outside to grab a tissue with MUDDY BOOTS!

Luckily the mail lady came just in time with these to cheer me up!

I could just eat this fabric...my new fave!

and this...my favorite 'heart' girls....I'm just loving them Jody!

I'm working tonight and it's going to be CrAzY!!!
Can't wait...love it!
Have a good night yourselves!


gina said...

That fabric is adorable - Show us what you make with it!

Sorry about your washer - what a pain. Guess it helped you mop the floor too?

Laura said...

put that fabric away now before something spills on it!

i love plum said...

lol! laura...done. put it away :)

gina...it's so pretty i don't even want to cut into it but i will! xo

Jody said...

The fabric is gorgeous!!! I am so glad you got the heart girls!!! Hope your day got better!!! I am still around but having lots of false alarms!
Have a great weekend!xxoo