This picture makes me smile.
I don't have many good pix of Rue...she hates having her picture taken.
She looks really happy here and luckily I was able to capture her without her knowing it!
I played with the image a bit with Picnik.
My picture taking is no match for all you REAL photographers who read my blog...Graham Crackers, Whatever, Brown Eyed Fox...just to name a few!
Will you teach me ;)

I had high hopes of getting a ton done Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
I'm scheduled to work tonight, Thurs, Fri and Saturday.
I've had the flu since Monday night and could really use some healing thoughts my way.
Mr. Motrin and Dayquil will have to be my best friends today...along with a little cat nap cuddle with Miss Stella.
I'm so sorry you haven't seen anything new yet in my shop.
I'm trying like crazy to keep up with orders and need to make them my first priority...even though my ideas are just itching to become a reality!!
I love that people like my goodies...feels like a big warm hug I tell you!
Wishing you a great day!


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon!!

bopbopdesigns said...

get welll soon!

Laura said...

LOVE the picture!

Jody said...

hope you are feeling better...can't believe i'm still around! i will be heading to your "shop" soon---i forgot to get my cousin and his wife a new baby gift! sending well-wishes all the way from iowa!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady!
Ah, feel better, feel better, feel better!!!
Your little Rue is such a punkin ;)