I've been busy...

Things always happen in spurts in my shop.
I busted these custom tees out earlier for a fabulous customer...LOVE her!
Actually, I really LOVE all my customers...muah!
I've got four more orders to fill and I'll be all caught up.
This working at night thing seems to really slow me down during the day.
I still haven't found that balance yet but I will!
I'm happy to make things and that includes drinks so I'm in a good spot.
Off to get Miss Zoe at school.
She's in a play for the next three nights...She's in the candy chorus in Willy Wonka :)
Gotta fly!


bopbopdesigns said...

Love the monkeys :)

gina said...

Yea - some boy shirts! I love your designs and am especially partial to the girly ones - but I only have little boys - and will have to get some for them. Summer is coming - just need payday and I'll send over my order!!

Your cute little girl all muddy!! She looks like she had fun!