Today I'm so tired!
Waaaaahhh, I know.
I got home late last night and woke up very early to get the girls ready for school. I had time to sleep at least 45 minutes more but I was sooo afraid if I fell back to sleep I'd never get up in time.
I hate feeling like this and hope I'll catch my second wind here soon!
I'm behind on everything.
American Idol.
The Octo-Mom.
You know, all the important things :)
I'm thinking a good dose of B-12 might help.
Peace out.


Janette said...

Boy do I know that feeling well. By the way...I love your about me comments..We have a lot in common except I am never organized but I try really hard. I am scattered every where but I always know where everything is..Does that mean I am crazy!LOL

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i can imagine it is exhausting!

are you a nap kind of gal? if you are... take a good... long one this weekend! :) relish in it!

big hugs!