lotus blossom
Got some cuties made for the shop today!
What's going on with moi...
I'm still coughing like crazy as are Zoe, Ruby and Stella. It's disgusting and totally un-ladylike! I think by the time I'm rid of this nastiness I'll have a six-pack for abs :)
I haven't even begun Christmas shopping!!! I'm hoping to make many of my gifts but in reality I don't know if I can get it all done in time.
An old friend of mine asked if I'd be willing to do an 'i love plum' party at her house....I was flattered and thought what a brilliant idea, how could I refuse? I'm both excited and nervous at the same time...it's on December 7th, so just around the corner!
I've joined a team on etsy! I'm now on the EtsyMom Street Team. I'm super psyched about having a support system and a go-to place for all my little questions!
I'll try and post again later...may or may not happen...so check back just in case!


Kate K said...

I want a lotus shirt! That is beautiful. I have a pink lotus tattoo...

Did you get my request about the Polar bear? I would love to know if you can do one for Ella.

You are so talented!

AnniKae said...

The little piglet tail...gotta love it! I'm really liking the new stuff. The open house is an awesome idea. The salon that I work at is having a Holiday Open House and asked me to bring my stuff to sell. Makes me nervous. You'll have to give me some pointers.