sweets, sneak, sacked and new...

I don't know why the quality of these top pix are so bad...maybe I had it on the wrong setting when shooting...hmmmm.
Stella and I made these snowball cakes yesterday and I had laid them on the table to rest. I turned my back for one second, ONE and Miss Sweet Tooth already had her tongue poised for action.
A couple of hours later she was sacked...so cute!

this was today's nap...
New in the shop....

I feel like I'm running out of time...like time is my enemy. I have to work hard at not getting too overwhelmed. There's so much I want to do WHILE doing all the things I HAVE to do! Ever feel like that?


AnniKae said...

my gosh...Stella has the most beautiful brown eyes. Those eyelashes...lucky girl.
How's everything w/ you? The shop is looking busy. You've got some great holiday gifts. I really need to kick it in high gear.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

YES!!! i do feel like that sometimes! :) but i am a very major high... major low gal... i go NUTS and them once i calm down realize i just went NUTS... :)

and i simply can not get over how BEAUTIFUL Stella is! she is a little cherub!

happy sat night! oh...i WANT one of those snowball cakes... YUMMO!

Kate K said...

I love when my babies sleep with their mouth wide open. My youngest babe does it the most. It is the CUTEST FREAKIN thing!

I wish he could stay little forever. :)