Dancing and puttin baby to bed...

Last night Stella really wanted to get her groove on with Mama...After FINALLY finishing the dishes I agreed. Ruby took pix (on her own accord) because she just couldn't stop laughing at my moves. I thought she did a good job and actually think she caught the spirit of the pure goofiness :)
Prior to the dancing escapade. Stella decided she needed to put her baby to bed on the floor, next to the dishwasher. Super cute!


Kristen said...

Look what a fun & cute mom you are! Those pic's are priceless. Shake it Girl!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you girls are so fun! we're big on dancing too! one thing though... you're looking cute... me & dancing... complete goof!

i spy those new towels... so great!

Anonymous said...

What are you-- like a MODEL, or something?

If only we all had your metabolism. :-)