Did you know we have a rooster living in our house now? I was making my morning coffee when I hear Stella call 'Mama!'. I head towards the stairs to go get her when as I'm starting to walk up I hear 'cock-a-doodle-dooooooo'. I round the corner and Miss Stella is sitting up in bed, head tilted skyward, singing 'cock-a-doodle-dooooooo'. It was hilarious!

We went on a great little hike this morning. Stella fell asleep in the backpack I was carrying and boy did my back and shoulders hurt when we were done! She ended up sleeping for a record three hours!!! Unbelievably she then took another nap this afternoon. I tried waking her three times...using bribery such as chocolate and TV. She wanted nothing to do with either so I let her sleep until 5 when I finally dragged her lazy butt out of bed! Yes, I'm paying the price for her afternoon siesta now (It's 9:15 and no sign of night night yet).
After the hike we ran to Starbucks and I got the BEST cafe mocha I swear I've ever had! It tasted so good and had just the right amount of chocolate added.
Zoe had a half day at school so we headed to the playground around noon. We didn't get home until almost 3! It was so nice out!
We've got a busy day tomorrow with orders to finish and Zoe's room to get together. She's finally getting her own room! Her furniture arrived on Tuesday beautifully painted...thank you Jeff! So I'm off to get some rest...I am one sleepy Mama :)

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Kristen said...

Sounds like an action packed day. You'll have to post pic's of the new room.