sniff, cough, a---chooo...

I've felt like el-crappo for the past couple of days. I've been coughing so much I can feel my abs getting a quality workout (so there IS a plus side). However coughing while experiencing a migraine is a cruel punishment I doubt anyone deserves (ok...maybe Osama Bin Laden).
I feel like this week has been a fuzzy haze with very little productivity. Monday was good. Got a bunch made for the shop but after that round of goodies it all went downhill. I did get around to making two yoga sweatshirts for my sister Mel to take to India...they came out very cute if I do say so myself. (I can't post them because I do want them to be a surprise for her). I will however make adaptations of them tomorrow and post them here and in the shop so keep your eyes open!
Random things that bug the crapola out of me:
  • Spare change randomly placed willy nilly.
  • Leaving the house before the beds are made.
  • Anyone other than myself doing the dishes in my kitchen.
  • Clutter.
  • As a lover of giving feedback on etsy it truly bums me out when not receiving the same courtesy...it takes just one second and it does matter.
  • Dog hair.
  • Dried dog slobber found in gosh, you name it!
  • Dried toothpaste in the sink bowl.
  • The total mess that is my craft/dining room.
  • Raking leaves for two hours and not making a dent.
  • Dishonesty.
  • When a really good TV series ends.
  • Not knowing what to make for dinner and when asking for suggestions the answer is always, 'it's up to you'.
  • Not finishing a project.
  • Seeing Halloween decorations still up. (Not my house y'all!)

Ok. Time's up for me...I'm off to do the dishes. My dishes. In my kitchen.


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