I need to vent...

101 in Swine flu prevention...don't let your kid do this :)
thanks honeybee for the laugh!

Now for the vent.
Call me crazy. Tell me I'm over reacting. Tell me you'd totally be annoyed, mad, frustrated too. Here's what happened. A little friend in Ruby's class had a birthday yesterday. On Monday when I went to pick Zoe up from school we ran into 'Chloe' and her Mom. 'Chloe' asked if Ruby could come over after school yesterday to celebrate her birthday with her. The wheels started turning in my head...how in the world would I be able to pull off a gift in less than 24 hours knowing I was working until at least midnight on Monday and wouldn't have the time to run and get one? I did what I had to do. I dragged my sorry a$$ to Wally world first thing Tuesday morning, bought a gift, wrapped it and delivered it to 'Chloe's' doorstep. No, this wasn't a birthday party...just a playdate. I still felt inclined to get a little something even though if 'Chole' does have a b'day party I'd probably pick something else up for her as well. Ok. I digress. Fast foward to 2:00pm. I'm rushing, stressed and out of time. I again have to go to work, exhausted and totally not in the mood or mindset to process what was about to happen.

'Missy' opens the door and I see Ruby in the background looking really, really sad. I thought uh-oh...bad playdate. NO! 'Missy' tells me that the gift I had rushed to get 'Chloe' was a duplicate of one she already had so she took the girls to Walmart to exchange it for another. WHAT???? About 100 thoughts started flying through my head. You took my daughter in your car without my permission? You took my daughter to Walmart aka the land of the child predators without my permission. You stood in the customer service line that is always at least a half hour wait with my daughter without my permission. You made my daughter feel bad about the gift I had bought and so on this 90 degree day you HAD to take my daughter with YOU to Walmart? Out of the three hour playdate you spent at least an hour of it in the land of the horrible? My daughter had to watch your daughter get excited about getting a new toy at Walmart and stand by and get nothing? SHE'S FIVE!!! You DON'T do that!!!! My heart is racing as I'm writing this...I'm SOOOO pissed!

I grab Ruby...apologized for her behavior (WHY did I DO that!!!!!!?????) I just wanted to get the heck out of there. So shoeless, hot, embarrassed, and PISSED we get in the car. I'm mad and I feel horrible. I explain a little loudly :O to Ruby that she can't ask for gifts and that she doesn't get to get something every time she's in a store. My.blood.is.boiling!!!!!!! I calm myself down and move on.

She will never, NEVER be allowed to go to this little girls house again. I wish I were more verbally confrontational because I'd love to give this woman an ear full...I'm just not. As for going to 'Chole's' birthday party??? Ummmmm.....we'll be busy that day whenever the heck it is.

Don't mess with me.

Oh and 'Missy' if you're reading this? You're not too smart, are you?


gina said...

Wow - I'd be upset also. Hope today is better...

Love the kissy-pic!

ShoozieShoes said...

My goodness! Would she have taken you and her other guests in her car to a shop to exchange a gift you had given her for her birthday?? Why do people act with children in a way they would never do with grown-ups! Could she not have waited until another day? Will she interrupt the party as well to go and exchange unwanted gifts? Forget the pigs, she sounds like a mad cow!! You have every right to be angry, and I'll be angry right along with you ;-)

And I hate not being able to tell people what I think - what I should have said then keeps milling through my head. I hope you feel better having written it down here.

Kristen said...

What kind of craZy person does that??? Honestly...
I'm sorry that your sweet little girl had to go through that horrible play date.
Lotsa Love,

Natasha said...

Pam, you have EVERY right to be pissed. That was inappropriate in so many ways like you said. I might have been too shocked to say anything, too, but after I think I would try to gear myself up to say something. I wonder if Chloe was crying or something and so Missy decided to make everyone else miserable to make Chloe happy. And seriously, WALMART?! Jude won't even return anything to Walmart. "Ugh, it's just not worth it," he said yesterday when he brought home some wrong stuff. Poor Ruby. I hope you told her that it was not her fault and that you were proud of her for being so good when she was mistreated.