I should have known...

Hello 'Red Flag', my friend...where were you yesterday afternoon?
Why didn't you scream in my ear?
Shake my shoulders?
Pull me into the playroom?
Was I too busy enjoying the absolute silence that allowed me to ummm, think for a second?
Quite obviously I lost my wits about me because my dear Ruby felt it necessary to morph into 'Baby Bunny' her alter ego.
Next time 'Red Flag' could you please encourage washable markers versus the permanent ones?
I've got trouble on my hands and her name is R.U.B.Y! (should have known giving her a name like that would lead to mischief!)



Laura said...

well, at least she is in fashionable season..I mean, she could have painted herself as Santa Claus. THAT would be bad.

I am inspired. Think I will draw some whiskers on myself today.

Jill said...

Oh my goodness! She is a doll!- too funny!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, she's just TOO darn cute! :)

Anonymous said...

At least she actually posed for some pictures! That little rascal!

Love you

xoxooxoxxoxo lis

gina said...

naughty naughty!! quiet is so full of mischief! Aren't they funny? Today, mine climbed up to the windowsill between the blinds and the glass - looking outside. I came in and couldn't see him anywhere - hidden in the window. Each day a new adventure!

Caroline D. said...

LOL at least you got a few moments of silence. i would thing that might be worth it...