Good things...

Ahhhhh...my dining room is starting to look less like a sweat shop and more like my office (we only 'dine' in there about twice a year so 'my office' it is!).
I cleaned out the hutch and put the wine glasses and platters on the bottom.
Put all my fun, vintage martini shakers in the kitchen...I'll snap a pic for ya'll to see later :)
Went through the daunting task of folding all my fabrics and neatly placing them in piles.
I'm hoping this first Spring cleaning/organization keeps the ball rolling...I MUST stay inspired!!!
I've been avoiding Old Navy like the plague since their new ad campaign first made it's debut.
I find it ugly and a total turn off.
However, I went in there today to grab a few things for the girls and saw these birdie sweaters and HAD to have both of them for myself...TOO CUTE!
I've been playing with this little Earth Day design in my head for a few days and finally had a little time to get it done today. I made one for both Zoe and Ruby. I'll be listing them in the shop in a bit. I know it's a little late to be listing something for Earth Day but we need to love our Mama every day not just one day out of the year!!!! Cute ehh?


Anonymous said...

I *heart* your earth day design!

bopbopdesigns said...

Looks fantastic!

Jessica said...

awesome new layout. awesome hutch for the fabric. awesome everything! :) thanks for sharing!!!

gina said...

A hutch full of cute fabrics and other crafty goodness is much more appealing to me than a dining room! Your fabrics ARE inspiring - I'm sure you will be busy busy busy with all your cute things.

Jill said...

Such inspiration! I too have avoided Old Navy...but popped in the other day...I came home with the pink bird sweater and the blue...now I might have to add the black and white...ha!
darling earth day shirt! :)

Laura said...


ShoozieShoes said...

Love the organization; and the shirts!!