Give the kids a little wood and a paint brush and they are happy for hours.
Give a kid a sprinkler and they are happy for hours.
Give a kid goggles and they turn into the cutest goof you ever did see.
Stella's totally rockin her 'look'...don't cha think?


AnniKae said...

Oh too cute. Stella's got her groove on...that girl can dance! I'm glad the girls were able to enjoy some warm weather....it snowed here yesterday. Grrrr

Anonymous said...

Love the mama bird and her three chickies. Did I see a painting there dedicated to Lissipoo?
I miss those girlies so much it hurts!!!! (Not to mention my a&%!)


Laura said...


Jody said...

Those paintings are so cute!! They did a fantastic job!
Little Stella has quite the moves...she can really shake those hips! What a cutie!