Dropped the big girls off at the art studio this morning.
Afterwards Stella and I stopped into our little towns coveted coffee shop, The Black Bean.
Good coffee...very good coffee :)
We shared a plate of eggs and homemade toast...mmmmm.
Stella was being silly.
The guys out front were hard at work on their machines making us a new sidewalk.
Stella was fascinated.
We watched for at least twenty minutes.
Hopped in the car and headed out to do some errands.
Stella thought she was blowing bubbles...see?
Would you look at that horrible rash on her chin? :(
Overall a nice day.
I did get a call from the art studio around noon and had to go pick Ruby-Doo up early.
My sensitive little girl got her feelings hurt and just couldn't stay.
Apparently an older girl...very snotty like told Ruby she was sitting in HER chair.
The Mama lion in me wanted to go down there ready to kick some a$$.
Instead I went down there, gave Ruby a big hug and tried like honey not to make eye contact with any of the other little girls sitting around the table.
Lightening bolts could have very likely shot out of my eyeballs, zapping the guilty snot princess.
It's going to get into the 80's this weekend!!!
Can't wait.


Jes said...

Awe, sweet lil punkin....lightening bolts would have shot out of my eyes, too! what's a momma to do??? and hope cutie pie Stella's rash goes away soon! Mad-mad has one right now....she's *allergic* to the sun...but loves...LOVES swimming.

gina said...

It would be hard to not give the guilty's "the look" - girls can be so mean - hope your little one survived and will give the art another try!