went to a great neighborhood egg hunt yesterday
on the plus side it.was.awesome.
negative...someone messed with my camera and i thought it was going to explode :O
after the fun died down i decided to see why my camera was beeping like an explosive.
my timer.
a. i now know i have timing capabilities
b. i think i know how to find it
c. still bummmmmmed about all the shots i could have gotten
d. will have a quasi second chance with another egg hunt today

have a great day
it's flippin 80 degrees here


patty said...

happy easter... hope the camera thing works out! i started carrying my manual with me shortly after i bought mine... helps a ton, even w the picture taking.

Laura said...

nothing is more frustrating that that..great setting...cute kids...bad camera

happy easter...
we had one egg hunt too many around here...