image courtesy from studio mela

i woke up today with a horrible migraine.
however i also woke up with a renewed sense of calm.
i had an epiphany last night
that settled over me like a warm blanket.
i have a supportive husband who loves me more than anything.
i have three beautiful children that make my day bright.
i will have a fourth that will fill my heart in the same way.
all the other stuff that makes me worry and feel shattered
is just stuff.
i'm not going to give two shizzles what anyone thinks about me or our family decisions.
i'm going to hold my head high and embrace this as a blessing.
i'm going to believe that everything will be ok.
that this happened not out of stupidity but because it was meant to.
this picture above hangs in my kitchen and serves as a reminder that i've got it pretty good.
i'm not saying i won't have spats of depression and hormonal breakdowns
but i will try like the dickens to breathe and work through it.

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