so lost

the words are hard to come by
right now.
i'm lost
really, really lost
those words
so they are not spoken,
is making it harder,
making it real
i need prayers


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

absolutely positively... will do.
right now... and will keep on.

i wish i could run over there & give you a big hug.
and just be there.
do something.

love to you pam.
i know you have a support team around you but...
i am a good ear &
would love to help in ANY way i can.

i am sooooo sorry you're hurting.

jody said...

sending prayers
and love
and ready
to do anything i can
from here
to help.
so sorry
hang on
much, much love,

Laura said...

I am glad I stopped by
I spent the entire day angry, sad, depressed, on edge...all about me
I dont know why you are hurting
but I am happy to put aside my own hurt
and pray for the release of yours

and I mean it
I will pray
for you

Anonymous said...

i am praying too....
i dont want you to hurt. i know the feeling all too well. sending lots of love to you. for reals. email me if you feel like it...always here to listen.

bopbopdesigns said...

you got them, hang in there.

patty said...

aw. hope it's better, whatever it is/was. keeping you in my thoughts. ((H))