first day of april vacation...

we had a great day yesterday.
perfect way to start off their april vacation.
despite my migraine my mood was good and the company great.
we headed into portsmouth
which is one of my most favorite places to be!
we went to the flatbread company for lunch.
i can't believe we had never been there!!!
everything they serve is organic and free range
(they even offer gluten free).
our food was fresh and so delish!!!
the kids were excited to play with pizza dough while we waited for lunch...
they also got to design new menu covers!!!
after lunch we went for a walk
and ended up going to not one but two toy stores...kids delight!
ice cream followed and ended our great day.
super sweet day!!!!


Laura said...

I have been thinking about you..ya know, in those few minutes when I am not having my own mental breakdown....

I wish I could hang with you for a bit...glass of wine...cup of coffee...
clearly, something is going on with you...
and I have so much inside...more than I will ever ever blog about...

would be nice to share it all with a "friend"...

hang in there
your girls are growing and so are beautiful!

patty said...

such beautiful photos, as always! :)

soo... guessing, boston? my sis lives in maine and we get to portsmouth about 1xyr. beautiful, and i love new england in the cool weather!

sorry about the migraine... wasn't paying attn to the dates of your posts, but i had one tues and it was a doozy. knocked me off my feet. not fun. hopeyou are feeling better~