playdates make me crazy

because for three solid
uninterrupted hours
i have to be
a really, really good mother.
the kind that will...oh, you know
keep calm and carry on
the leave it to beaver type.
not the 'me' who had a migraine today,
took medicine,
and am now a grumpy mess.
i've got five REALLY loud little girls
flying around here like fairies on parade.
little miss
left out,
of course.
so i had to keep her b.u.s.y.
we made homemade chocolate cupcakes.
cleaned some acorn squash like nobody's business.
she spent a good hour playing with the seeds.
i heard her version of pinkalicious
about 500 times
greaaaaat ;)
our little house sounds like
an amphitheater...
the black eyed peas playing in the background.
crazy loud.
all good though
lots of smiles.

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