reality check

there are days when my positivity makes me leap from the bed...
with lists of all the great things i'm going to do.
there are many days when i just want to bury my head
go unnoticed,
hit rewind.
you can hear it my voice,
you can see it on my face,
i'm not a good actress...
though i do try hard.
today has been a down day.
but then it hit me like a ton of bricks.
i have a roof over my head.
my children aren't orphans.
i have a good job.
my family is healthy.
i have water to drink.
i pulled my favorite shirt out of my drawer to wear today.
(i have a shirt, with a drawer.)
i can make cookies if i feel like it.
i get to go outside to get wood to heat our house because we have one.
we never go hungry.
i can hear my children laugh.
my worries
my life's complaints
are SO infinitely small
when i just stop to think about
this beautiful girl,
being homeless.
i've got it pretty darn good
a reality check is just something i think i need to do a little more often.
so on that note
i'm going to go enjoy a little snuggle
from miss stella
and get ready for a great night at work.

1 comment:

gina said...

I love this post. There are so many days like that for me. It does help to pull my head out of my own misery and look around through grateful eyes. There are always those with bigger problems but also give yourself room to feel whatever it is that is difficult - without feeling guilty. Those feelings are real and are how you feel that day. Not who you are - or how it will be forever - just an honest glimpse of that moment.