lots of it
i'll show you when i'm done
i only wish i'd thought of it sooner
it would have made a nice lil' somethin' for my etsy shop
poor shop's been barren and lonely
candy is also good to bring to a party
and i'm going,
won't you come too??
almost 40 :O
well, not until november.
i must always be doing something, moving constantly.
i am obsessed with my camera
and am training my eye to notice the ordinary and make it beautiful.
i love to work
and think it's ONE think i'm really good at.
my family is my life...my daughters my everything
my husband my rock, my world.
i'm constantly in search of me
and trying to make me a better, happier person.
i love to cook
and have lemon bars in the oven now.
that makes me very happy...
smell em?

1 comment:

patty said...

ok.. so you are one of my new favorites! i didn't even look around much {YET}. great photos-love 'em, and love your about me post!

OK! gotta go nose around a bit {you don't mind, do you??!}

ps:thanks for coming to the party-hope you had fun!